It's all about "Who you are" not "What you are.

Updated: May 23, 2018

Unlike any other profession we, as chiropractors, are compelled to over-shadow “who we are” by “what we are” and it is devastating to both our profession and our bottom-line.

Let me explain, in our offices we often “Sell” our value to patients with props and models in a subconscious effort to convince patients that we are experts in our field. We are the only profession that approaches business like that, and it needs to stop!

Think about it, if you walk into most chiropractic offices you will see pictures of spines, muscles and/or anatomy on the reception areas wall. If you walk a little further you’ll see models of skeletons and spines throughout the exam and treatment rooms. I understand the functional value of these images and props when you are in an exam or report-of-findings but outside of the few scenarios that we use them they are otherwise un-relatable and often times intimidating to your patients.

When a patient walks in to a chiropractors office they are typically in pain and scared because they don’t know what is wrong with them. Their mind is racing and they are afraid of their pain being the worst-case scenario situation or concerned about how they are going to pay for care.

Now, instead of having this patient, who is a bit anxious or overwhelmed to begin with, enter into an office that is comforting and soothing to their plight, we instead decorate our office with images that are otherwise used by the public to scare you on Halloween. Can you see how this can cause a disconnect in the brand new relationship between the new patient and office, even before the doctor has stepped in to the room, and it is it is completely unnecessary.

Let’s think of this in terms of other professions. When you walk in to a dentist’s office do you see anatomical pictures of teeth or do you see pictures of people smiling. When you walk into your local gym do you see anatomical pictures of muscles or do you see people who are in shape. Even as recent as the other day, I walked into a local paint store and it had beautiful pictures of painted homes and fences on the walls. They didn’t have pictures of paint cans or brushes. Even the paint store focused on the end result. So why are we so committed to our selling the science of chiropractic and ignoring what we know makes people make buying decisions, the outcome!

If you want your practice to grow you need to create an environment that patients are comfortable in and one that they can relate too. Highlight what is important to them and focus on images that convey the OUTCOME to the reason why they are in your office in the first place.

Pictures of people with their children or grandchildren, pictures of people exercising or playing sports or just simple images of people enjoying life all focus on the outcome. These images allow the patient to visualize their goals and reinforce the end result. Maybe add in a motivating quote or two and now you have created an office that is, patient centered, patient friendly and uplifting.

As professionals, we should be proud to be chiropractors but as business owners, if we want to be successful, we need to “sell” our patients what they want to buy. Patients do not come to us to buy the science of chiropractic, they come to us to buy the results of our care. Knowing the psychology of sales and the patient’s motivating factors, we as practitioners can tip the scales in our favor by creating an environment and practical approach that focuses on their goals.

This will help to break down any preconceived fear or anxiety, increase new patient conversions and increase retention.

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