Top 20 Benefits

The following is a list of the Top 20 benefits of owning the Digital Reach Marketing Suite, as expressed by our clients.


1. Increase in new patients


2. Increase in services


3. Increase in patient retention


4. Increase in revenue for the practice


5. Increase in doctor’s income


6. Increase in product sales


7. Increase in new patient referrals


8. Improve in internet presence though increased Social Media engagement.


9. Increase in the quality of new patients that enter your office


10. Increase in number of attendees to in-office events


11. Increase in market share by following the program and being more involved in the community


12. Decrease in time that doctor has to spend on marketing the office

13. Decrease in doctor stress


14. Saved money by not buying expensive advertising costs that do not convert


15. Save time and money on expensive advertising campaigns that OVER produce a high volume of bargain-shopping new patients


16. Save money on hiring an expensive marketing person or firm to manage your

marketing efforts


17. Gained a more professional and refined appearance


18. Improved patient’s overall experience in the office

19. Improved perception of Doctor in the community

20. Improved patient care and outcomes

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