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Social Media Content
With Million of Americans on social media everyday, it is no wonder why platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have become the most powerful marketing tools in today's digital market.
Expand outside your inner circle with the DIGITAL REACH MARKETING SUITE and attract NEW viewers within your community who are suffering with health concerns and looking for YOUR services.
Benefits include:
• A year's worth of social media marketing.
• Over 30 engaging HD videos 
• Over 30 Professional and appealing HD images
• Over 30 social media Conversation starter images
• Market tested images for maximum R.O.I.
• In-office system to promote online engagement.
• Easy to use Pre-loaded Tablet allows you to post to your social media account in just a few clicks!

Go from viewers to patients

Attract patients with engaging Social Media content


Turn your waiting room into an engaging revenue stream.

Waiting room Slideshow
Educate, entertain and engage your patients with the DIGITAL REACH MARKETING SUITE's in-office slideshow. Inform your patients of the latest health tips and tidbits, keep them motivated with powerful motivational quotes as well as increase your product sales and services with our product and condition specific call-to-action slides.
Benefits include:
• 50+ appealing and engaging slides
• Industry leading 4K and HD graphics
• 10 strategic call-to-action slides
• Market tested for maximum R.O.I.
• Variable speed playback options
• Sets up in minutes.


  Get new patients on demand

Workshop Presentations
Workshops are one of the most effective ways to educate your community and GROW your practice.

Perform these 6 workshops in your office to cross-market services to your existing chiropractic patients or utilize these workshops to engage, educate and convert new prospects in your community through outreach events such as lunch and learns, dinner talks and town talks.
Benefits include:
• Six engaging Powerpoint presentations
• Promotional online ad and print flyers for each workshop
• Grow your practice by acquiring new patients from talks
• Industry leading HD graphics
• Fully customizable Powerpoint slides
• Educate, entertain and engage your audience
• Each slideshow comes with additional presenters notes
• Be seen as the expert in your community
• Perform in your office or at a community venue


Be seen as the expert.

Branded Posts
Custom Branding offers an increased level of refinement and professionalism in the eyes of your audience. Market with confidence and make your presence know with your logo strategically placed on each social media video and post. The combination of a strong, clear message and a familiar brand are the main ingredients for any successful marketing program.
Branded Videos
Make a lasting impression on your viewers with your professional logo at the end of each social media video. Simply provide your logo to our design team and we will use it to make a custom animation video and place it at the end of each social media video provided in your new Digital Reach Marketing Suite.


Still not 100% convinced that the all-in-one DIGITAL REACH MARKETING SUITE is the right marketing tool for you, take a moment and hear what our clients are saying.

Dr. Sarah Chester

The Digital Reach Marketing Suite has made such an impact on my practice. It has really changed the way the community sees us.

Dr. Cade Copeland

From new patients and retention to workshops and social media, we've seen a shift in the culture of our office. Patients are actually asking us when our next event is. That's never happened before.

Dr. Jennifer Moses

AdvantageDC's program is so well designed and so well thought out. It has really exceeded my expectations.

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